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Arhi Group Plan A has been blending a rich mix of design, art and functionality to deliver award-winning architecture through the South East European region.

Founded by a seasoned architect, Arhi Group Plan A has been providing architectural services for a large variety of clients since the year 2000. Led by its founder, PhD. Oliver Petroski, the studio has grown to become a recognizable trademark over the years with its distinctive blueprint spanning across 150 projects including, commercial, industrial, hospitality and residential.

Both the practicing and academic architecture community, hails him as one of the best-known architects in the industry with a truly inspirational regional footprint. Through his company, his vision of creating beautiful structures throughout the South-Eastern region in Europe has come to life, where he combines modern expression, traditional elements and only the highest industry standards in architecture.

The team at Arhi Group Plan A explores the relationships between form, geometry, structure and space.

Not limited to the context and typology, each project, whether it is a customized kitchen counter or a hotel development, becomes a response to the continuous exploration of the team in collaboration with their clients. Adaptable in structure and experimental in materiality, the work Arhi Group offers is a playful presentation of architecture.

Superior quality, exceptional service and innovative design are our signature.


Incorporating Macedonia’s historical elegance with today’s modern style is what we do best. We use the latest technology and innovative techniques to create only the highest quality of architectural design. Each design we create adds a modern twist to the Byzantine art, that characterizes Macedonia’s buildings. Our clients range from householders to business owners. Our aim is to satisfy all the architectural demands of any project.


Meet Our Team

Ph.D Oliver Petroski

Founder and CEO

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MSc. Borjan Kolevski


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Dejan Nikodinov


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Vesna Ninic Dimitrijevska


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Aleksandar Petroski

Candidate Architect

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